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Carlson’s Grove - Main Field

 A: Activities - Adult  
 A: Activities - Pre School  
 A: Activities - Youth  
 A: Adaptive Skiing  
 A: Dog Training  
 A: Events & Trips  
 A: Leagues  
 A: Parks - Park pass  
 A: Slip Rentals  
 A: Summer Camp  
 R: Addis Park  
 R: Andrew Gaylord Barnes Park  
 R: Baldwin Park  
 R: Canterbury Pond (Conn's Pond)  
 R: Carlson's Grove - 1) pavilion  
 R: Carlson's Grove - 2) main field  
 R: Carlson's Grove - 3) picnic grove  
 R: Chappius Park  
 R: Clatter Valley - 1) pavilion  
 R: Clatter Valley - 2) main field  
 R: Clatter Valley - 3) lower field  
 R: Emanual Williamson Park  
 R: Helen Marx Park  
 R: Hulton Meadow  
 R: J Pettibone - Field A (near playgr)  
 R: J Pettibone - Field C (near KC)  
 R: J Pettibone - grass area  
 R: Lynn Deming - groups not public  
 R: Lynn Deming - pavilion  
 R: Northville Soccer Field  
 R: Nostrand Trail  
 R: Pickett District - Field 1  
 R: Pickett District - Field 2  
 R: Pickett District - Field 3  
 R: Pickett District - Field 4  
 R: Ray Ramsey Park  
 R: Sarah Noble Soccer Field  
 R: Sega Meadows Park  
 R: Town Green - 1) North area  
 R: Town Green - 2) Middle area  
 R: Town Green - 3) South & band stand  
 R: Young's Field 1) Pavilion  
 R: Young's Field 2) D (near playgrnd)  
 R: Young's Field 3) E (near PW)   [G]: Game   [P]: Practice
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